Way back when I was a shiny “young” new Training Development Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, one of my first jobs was managing e-Learning project teams AND designing e-Learning. A great site that I discovered (or may have been shown to me – it was a long time ago) was “Study Guides and Strategies.”

I have recommended the site to learners of all ages ever since, AND often included it as a resource for self-motivated learners taking e-Learning courses I have designed, to seek out additional information on their own.

During a virtual meeting today, one of the participants mentioned his daughter is currently in her second year of post secondary studeis and I said “HEY! I know this great site!” Jumped to Google and lo and behold – it’s gone. I was so disappointed!

As a last result I checked the Wayback Machine (aka internetarchive.org) and there it was!! If you are interested in learning more about learning… just click HERE. (https://web.archive.org/web/20190628132927/http://www.studygs.net/)

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