Instructional Design

Workplace Performance Consulting offers the full range of Instructional systems design (ISD) services, from analysis to design and development, delivery of workshops and evaluation of training programs.



Study the environment in order to understand it and describe the goals and objectives required to correct performance deficiencies (performance gap) that will improve the organization's performance.

Task Analysis

Define the Training or Learning Needs by supplying the required process and/or steps to perform a task.

Training Design

The systematic development of the learning process. It is driven by the products of the analysis phase and ends with a model or blueprint of the learning process for future development.

Training Development

The creation of the learning platform — the content, such as software, lesson outlines, performance aids, and media, that contains the instructional content and activities that will aid the learners in their quest for better performance.

Training Delivery

The integrated set of services that provide the learners with information (content); tools, such as social learning media; activities; and resources, that support and enhance their quest to learn new skills and knowledge. Workplace Performance Consulting also delivers the 1 day workshop “Improving Workplace Performance” in partnership with the International Society of Performance Improvement.