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Discovering the root cause of performance problems can sometimes require outside assistance.

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Researchers and experts agree that 75-80% of the factors that influence performance are environmentally rather than individually based. We can help you identify those factors and develop solutions that will improve your bottom line and maximize performance.

What Do We Do?

WPC is here to help you get from Good to GREAT! We use evidence based practices that can be applied to any scale – of any problem – in any industry – to improve performance and meet your organizational goals. When you are adding value, to your organization, your families and the society we live in, we ALL succeed. Your success drives us!



To guide clients to identify barriers to achieving organizational goals, determine options to reduce or remove those barriers and verify success through measurement!


To be the "The top of mind performance and learning consulting firm from Trenton to Ottawa."


Brett Christensen


Brett is the President of Workplace Performance Consulting and an Adjunct Graduate Professor at Boise State University.

He earned his Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) designation from the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), Certified Training Development Professional (CTDP) from the Canadian Society of Training Development (CSTD), M.Sc. in Instructional and Performance Technology from Boise State University and B.Com. in Entrepreneurial Management from Royal Roads University.


Overall, awesome stuff. I like the discussion points and questions interjected in it and it has a lot of different activities and interactions that get people doing lots of different things to keep them engaged. I wish all of my former military courses were like that...


After all 4 years of my program, your class was still my favorite. Congrats [on your 6 year anniversary]!!

Autumn Scisciani - National Training & Organizational Development Manager at Sonic Automotive

The guidance, encouragement and structure Brett provides to his students right from the start exemplifies his dedication to teaching. Setting expectations early on helps his students be successful to the finish and his communications to achieve that are spot on.

Jo Ann Fenner, Manager, Marketing and Outreach Services, Boise State University


Workplace performance consulting helped us upgrade our training pedagogy to the level that produces success for our clients. Brett was thorough professional and timely helping our staff advance as trainers and increasing the effectiveness of our product.

Zachary Devereaux, Director of Public Sector Services at Nexalogy Environics

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